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Anti-Valentine's Day

Not everybody is thrilled about Valentine's Day. On February 14th of every year there are just as many if not more single people as there are couples who have to spend the whole day being reminded of their loneliness. Well some people have begun to fight back against all the mushy talkers and lovers on Valentine's Day. Besides the common protests of wearing all black on the big day, one person in particular has started another celebration on that day.

February 14, 1998, will be the 5th annual Al Capone Day. Al Capone was the most famous Chicago bootlegger of whiskey during the Prohibition days of the 1920's. When Al Capone reigned in the streets of Chi-Town, the homemade hootch ran free, and the blood ran even freer.romance February 14, 1929 is actually the date of the great Valentine's Day Massacre. Although it was never proven the Capone was responsible, all believe that Capone's men gunned down several of a rival bootlegger, Bugs Moran's, henchmen on that date.

Five years ago Mark Kinney, a graduate of Western Kentucky University and a broadcaster was sick of being single on valentine's day and feeling left out, so he started the idea of celebrating the Al Capone massacre instead.

"It started as a radio broadcast on WWHR, the student run station at Western Kentucky university, as sort of an Anti-Valentine's day celebration," Kinney says.

"Sure it's rather tasteless to celebrate a bunch of people being killed, but it beats being sickened to death by all the mushiness that comes to the surface on the typical Valentine's Day."

Al Capone day has not quite caught on as much as its rival has, but then again it is only five years old.

"I'm trying to spread this new holiday, to make it an event for all the people who are unwillingly single during this sap-drenched time of year."

So remember, if you find yourself eating dinner for one this Valentine's Day, and you're sick of seeing people smooch in front of you, there is an alternative. Grab a case of whiskey, a tommy gun, and join Mark Kinney in the celebration of Al Capone Day.






















valentine's day
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