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Cheap Valentines Gift Ideas

It is a nice gesture, and an almost necessity nowadays, to give your lover a gift on Valentine's Day. Coming home empty handed could leave you sleeping on the couch. But this is the age of downsizing, and things can be so awfully expensive, especially for young couples, just starting out and trying to build a life together. A dozen red roses, with delivery, will run your close to $60 in most places. This doesn't mean you have to break the bank this year. Just try some less expensive, but no less thoughtful ideas.

If you can't get her jewelry, get her a jewelry box, or a trinket box. Heart shaped is the best bet for this occasion. The traditional
romancejewelry store black velvet covered box will cost you and is kind of dull. Go with a lacquered or painted wood box, which can be bought anywhere from five to ten dollars at most gift shops.

For couples starting out in a new apartment, in need of some decorations to make it feel like home, try a decorative plate. Something with a cupid, or roses on it will express your love, and be a constant reminder to your special somebody for years to come. Again, you can buy plates at gift stores or local craft stores for around $30 for a nice one.

Another decorative trinket that says "I love you" is a music box that plays a love tune. You don't have to get one studded in diamonds or anything. Just an standard music box with a lovely design painted on high quality wood can be bought for between 30 and 40 dollars.

Instead of a dozen roses, get half a dozen. The thought is still the same, and for less than $30, your partner won't quibble about the number.

Finally, nothing says loving like sweets. You can obviously buy a cheap Russell's Chocolate box at any grocery store, but a candy bouquet would be even better. The online florist of sorts, "Sweet expressions" is offering a basket that looks like its filled with flowers but is in fact made of candy. The basket runs $33.95 with two day air mail and comes in a variety of colors. You can contact Sweet Expressions at

These and countless other ideas can help you to express your true feeling this Valentine's Day without being unloving to your wallet.






















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