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Romantic Valentines Ideas

At Valentine's time, lovers do all sorts of things to express their adoration for their companions. Some go to outrageous measures, some spend huge sums of money. Some of these romantic gestures work, and some do not. It seems that when it comes to romance, its not just what you give, but how you give it. Style is the key to making this Valentine's Day special.

Millions of people give flowers to their partners on Valentine's Day, so you want your flowers to be memorable to them. Just delivering flowers is not enough. Try filling their day with flowers. Placing a rose on pillows, in the shower, in the car, and anywhere else they will be during the day creates a continuous atmosphere of excitement on Valentine's Day.

There is nothing wrong with giving and old standby gift, like candy, but being creative shows that you care. Hiding jewelry in a candybox, or hanging a necklace around a stuffed bear will show you put thought into you gift.

romanceAnother way to be creative is to hide your gift. Leave your loved one clues and led them on a treasure hunt. They will find their gift, and you will find a very happy and appreciative companion.

When it comes to 90's romances, no fear is bigger than the fear of commitment. A great way to show your lover you care about them is to allay this fear. Show your intent to commit to them by buying a gift symbolic of commitment. Buying a plant or a pet may not seem romantic at first, but in fact it shows them that you intend to be around for a good while.

Personal gestures are romantic gestures. Things like back massages, sponge baths, and candlelight dinners can make a companion feel loved after a rough week. Valentine's day is on a Saturday after all.

Finally, at the end of the day, no romantic gesture sums it up better than curling up in front of a romantic movie. Head to the video store early though. Movies like "Romeo and Juliet" or "When Harry Met Sally" won't stay on shelves long on Valentine's Day.

All these ideas, and anything else that shows creativity and thought towards your lover, should help to make this Valentine's Day a truly romantic one.






















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